God’s creation shows no sign of His existence

In the natural world there is a constant struggle for survival which results in death, pain, waste, birth, extinction. Planets are constantly being struck by asteroids, stars are constantly dying (and being born) and there are black holes in space in which no life can possibly exist. The human body is far from perfect, it is prone to disease, our senses are very limited, mothers die during birth, babies are born with abnormalities and severe handicaps, our brains are prone to dementia and Parkinson‘s disease during old age, and so forth. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes happen to believers and non-believers alike. Cancers, diseases and viruses attack both believers and non-believers.

None of the above suggests intelligent design by a benevolent God. If a God does exist, He shows no ability to alter the natural order of the universe.


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